Jan 4, 2010


computer= Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education & Resarch. Computer is a Electronic device Which Accepts data and information from us and by Processing them gives Result Output.

Before Knowing about computer let us know from where it has come from? in past when computer was not invented or before 200 years ago man were using computer for calculation purpose. Do you know How? they were using Abacus which is also known as Early counting device this was made of wood having rounded balls, it was divided in two parts Heaven and Earth. it is still using in china and other country. After Abacus there was also many device invented like Pascal calculating machine, Napier's bone and many more. Different scients discovered different device but among all there was a man who thinked little more and try to discovered a new thing which can do all things. Do you know who was that person he was Charles Babbage. who want to discovered computer. but unfortunatly while working day by day he become blind but althogh he did not give up and convence his junior to make but they did not succeed and the project was at it is but after hundred years the new scients tried taking example of charles babbage and they got succeed. and this was the turning point and finally computer was came infront of us

Computer is Basically diveded in two parts Hardware and Software. Hardware is that part of computer which we can see touch or feel. like Motherboard, Harkdisk, Ram, Processor, keyboard, Mouse etc and Software is a soul of computer or in other language software is that part of computer which we cannot see touch or feel like Ms-word, Excel, powerpoint etc. Software is divided in two parts System software and Application software.


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