Jan 13, 2010

DOS(Disk Operating System)

Every computer has a Communication Media between user and machine and that is done by Dos(Disk operating System). Dos is a System software which controls computer System and it's pheripherial devices. Dos has a responsible to communicate between user and hardware. Dos plays a role like coordinator between user and computer. Dos is also called Ms-Dos. Ms-Dos was the most popular operating system for micro computer in 90. which was developed by microsoft corporation. Actually dos is a program which does many work. Dos has two hidden files and command file.
There are the system files required to boot the computer. when we switch on the computer, it checks all the pheripherial device and at the same time it also begins to check the main memory which is called RAM(Random Access Memory) and after reading the RAM the computer start to searches the operating system and this process is called booting or in other language loading the system file in computer memory is called booting. Directory is the main memory cabinet where files are kept. It contains the name of file, their sizes, last date of modification and address of file many directory can be maintained on same disk called"root" and the root directory is symbolized "\" .
There are two kinds of dos command they are internal command and external command. Internal command are those , which can execute immediate because they are built for dos. for example some internal command are given below.
DATE, TIME, DIR, CLS, COPY, REN, MD, CD, etc. and External command are on the disk as program files. the disk drive has to read the files before execution. The file which have .com, .exe are known as External files for example some are given below CHKDSK, MORE, SYS, FORMAT TREE, EDIT etc.


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