Jan 5, 2010

Generation of Computer

Generation of Computer
Computer can be classified into different generation on the basis of development. In every generation computers are made more advanced, more accurate, more reliable and faster which can solve any kind of problem. In first generation of computer vaccum tube or valve were made through 1943-1958 A.D. Vaccum tubes were developed by the Lee De Forest in 1908. ENIAC and UNIVAC computers are example. In second generation Transistor were made through 1958-1965A.D. Transistor were made by team lead by william shockley. It is smaller in size and made very little sound . In third generation Silicon chips were invented through 1965-1973A.D. It is also known as I.C. or Integrated Circuit. In I.C. hundreds of transistor are fabricated on a very small chips and connected through metallic lines which acted like wires. In fourth generation Microprocessor were build which is also known as VLSI through 1973-1980A.D. In Processor it was Possible to puk all the components of a computer in a chip or Microprocessor. Any Processor will have tens of thousand of transistor and components build in it. Fifth generation computers are incomplete and it is supposing that fifth generation computer will have number of parallel circuits and will have some thinking Knowledge also. which will be known as Artificial Intelligence(AI)


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