Jan 24, 2010

Hidden talents of vista

Vista is large and multi-faced operating system. It is an astonishingly complex piece of software that has every featured, advance security system parental controls, extreme good look and many more things. Now let’s focus on some of vista’s unsung features under the spot light, and that follows on from this article here are some features are given below do look and enjoy the vista.

Find anything, fast- You don’t have to manually hunt down what you need. Just press the windows key and start typing the name of what you’re looking for.

Flip through windows – The new interface provides a handy way to browse the application and documents open on your pc. It’s called flip3d and to use it just hold down the windows key and press tab. Vista then displays a 3d image of all the programs you have open.

Keep the child in check- With parental controls feature you can supervise your child when you are not in home.

Print without waste – When you are going to print the webpage at that time vista is very useful because it will provide print preview tool that enables you to manage how pages print to access it. Click the down arrow next to the printer icon at top right of window.

Recognize your scrawl – you can use this method to control your pc and input text using a pen instead of mouse and keyboard.

Bolster your security – When firewall is not switch on them also you can manage how vital security updates are downloading and installed. It also helps you to adjust security settings and update in a single window.

Take proper control - With user account control you are permitted to make change to settings.

Listen to your voice – If you are tired of typing or something else’s than with ‘The speech recognition tool’ You can vista to do instead of you.

Sleep easy – Click the gold power button from the start menu than vista saves your all your current works and it sleeps means next time when you start your pc the computer doesn’t have to go through that lengthy process.

Cut up your desktop – Vista’s snipping tool gives you total flexibility with options to grab the entire screen. Go to start than control panel than programs and click ‘turn window.

Work together – This application lets you setup virtual meeting over a wired or wireless networks. So that people can see documents you’re working on and exchange notes with each other.

Record TV – with this features you can watch and record your TV programs for this you should have a TV tuner built in or attached to the computer.



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