Jan 5, 2010

History of Computer

History of Computer
In Early days man had no Knowledge of counting. As development Proceed and for Survival he Kept domestic animals at that time man uses pebbles(stones) for counting. later than man uses his ten finger for counting. since man had 10 fingers, he could count upto ten digits only 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. but this was very slow and this things helped Human beings to developed counting devices.
First came Abacus, it was only device used for counting and adding purpose. it was made of wood and the middle bar seperated the beads into two houses. the two houses were called heaven and earth. There were two beads in heaven and five beads on earth. It is still used in China, Japan and Russia. Secondly came Napier's bone which was made up bones and there were eleven rods and used for calculation purpose. you have to put them side by side for calculation. After Napier's bone Slide rule came which was made of plastic and it also used for calculation purpose the difference was that it can do multiplication also. Engineers used it till 1970. After the invention fo logarithim nothing could done, till pascal appeared on the scene. Pascal invented the device called Pascalline for calculation purpose. Pascal was just seventeen year's old.l at same period a german mathematician, build a better mechanical calculator having cylinders. This machine can add, subtract, multiply, Divide and find square root also. Among all off them there was an Englishman, Charles Babbage thought about using better mechanical calculator. He invented a device called Analytical Engine. and by his concept only it become possible for making computer. He is also callled as Father of computer Science.


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