Jan 6, 2010

Importance of computer

Importance of computer
Before you know the importance of computer, you should know what is computer ? what can computer do, From where it has came from, who has made it.
Computer, Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Resarch. In short Computer it is an electronic device which accepts data and information from us and by processing them gives result in display screen or other output device. It can be use for every calculation, Eduation, Reserch, Medical and scientific purpose. In Early days man were using Abacus for calculating purpose after Abacus many device invented like Napier's bone, Lagarithm, Slide rule, Pascal adding machine, Leibniz' s calculating machine etc and like that finally Computer came infront of us and the credit goes to Father of computer science Charles Babbage.
The Important of computer can not be define in languages, it has prove it self to be of great use and very important for todays fast developing age. Computer provide us many facilities like storage capacity, they are fast, excellent efficiency, fast and quick decision and many more. In todays world computer have capactured everything, everywhere, it has widely covered the whole world, you can take example of IT field. Now a days many of persons are making carrier in coamputer field. computer are widely use in Medical field, it is use in scientific also due to computer only it has been possible us to go out of world(earth). in todays day we can not thing our life without computer, we can not move single step also in our life of carrier.


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