Jan 8, 2010

Maintaining Security in internet Explorer

Maintaining Security in internet Explorer
Maintaining security in internet explorer is 100$ word. Today everyone is facing this problem. How to secure their computer? How to prevent our computer from Hacking? How to stop unauthorised website or sensor website from watching our children. than follow this instruction. First open internet explorer and than go to tools menu. In tools menu click on internet explorer and than a dialog box will open for customizing. In this menu there is seven tabs options with the help of them you can customize your internet explorer. Now after general tan there is one security tab click on this, now you will get another dialog box. in this you can see a slidebar, if you drag it to upwards than it will take you to high security zone. in this zone no any outsider can harm you. but in high security zone you will be ask a question every time by internet explorer and you can not use the hole facility of internet explorer. so it is better to keep slidebar in medium high zone. when you keep the slides in medium high than a custom level button will enable. Now click on custom level button. now a new menu will be active, in this you can see many options you can choose by your needs, in this you will given three options enable, disable and prompt this means internet explorer will ask every time for bringing anything infront of you. you can also blocked unauthorised website, for this click on security tab, and after that click on restricted sites and you will see new dialog box, now in frist blank box tyoe the name of website yoy don't like or you want to block and click on ok. Now you can see the name of that website in big blank box in future you can also add or remove that site name.l


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