Jan 22, 2010

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a major family member of microsoft office group. Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program. Microsoft Excel is a very important member of Microsoft group. In past Microsoft Excel was created in Dos version which was called as lotus 123. Lotus 23 was also famous in that period. When windows 95 was launched after that every dos application software was slowly slowly completly disappeared. Microsoft Excel can be used to present a wide variety of information such as budgets, petty cash records, employee's wages,etc. Once data and formula have been entered. The program will perform the necessary calculations, Accounting, Statistics, Finance, Management field are the main field of this program. Microsoft Excel enables you to store, manipulate and chart numeric data in a 'grid' format on a computer system. Every field people use microsoft Excel spread sheet software to analyze and summarize mathematical statistical and financial data. Even in our daily life we can use and we are using Microsoft Excel to create a budget for monthly living expenses, analyze returns in the stock market. develop a business plan or calculate the loan payment required to purchase a new car.
A Microsoft Excel is an electronic version of an accountant's ledger pad . which is divided into vertical columns and horizontal rows. In Microsoft Excel there are 1 to 65536 rows and columns are labeled from A to IV(A,B,C............Z, AA, AB, AC,.............AZ................IV). The cell is given a unique address consiting of it's column letter followed by it's row number eg A1, A2, A3. Microsoft Excel application finename is excel.exe and it's extension is .xls.
For using Microsoft Excel in your computer you must have minimum this reqirements.
having Pentium processor 3 or 4 cpu.
120 mb ram
cd rom drive
windows 95 or latest operating system.


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