Jan 20, 2010


AS it's name, it defines itself it is the main components of computer or we can say it is the mother of computer. Everything is connected to motherboard, like procesor or other devices but you should be careful that which processor you have purchased and it should be compatible with your motherboard.generally all the motherboard are working with Intel and Amd processor. Ihave just said before thatwhatever company motherboard you buy it should compatible with your processor. Motherboard are comeing in many shape but two sizes are only common they are ATX and Microatx. ATX motherboard are little big and for this you have to purchase ATX casing but Microatx motherboard will fit in any casing. if you want to use many pheripherial card like sound card, wifi card, TV tuner etc than it will be better to choose ATX motherboard and you should be also careful about how much USB port are there, lan is inbuilt or not