Jan 11, 2010

Using Internet with Netscape Navigator

using Internet with Netscape Navigator
For using internet with Netscape first you have to install Netscape Navigator. There is not much difference in Netscape and internet explorer. It have many tools and for example there is standard toolbar in that there is back, forward, Re-load stop buttons which are use for basic tool. If you want to open any address than type the address in address bar and click on search button which is made infront of address bar. Now you will get your homepage. and in same page if you want to open another website than click on file than click on new Navigator window and you will get blank page now type the address you want to go. for editing website click on file than click on edit page through Netscape navigator you can do everything like you can print the page you can check your email, you can compose a new mail, like this you can use netscape navigator. Netscape was very popular in 1990s but the popularity of Microsoft's internet explorer damages the market of Netscape navigator and by 2002 it had almost dissaperead.


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