Jan 21, 2010

what are the main features of Vista ?

what are the main features of Vista ?
Having internet at home is great entertainment for children with internet they can do their homework very easily, they can chat with their friend and they will also play excitement games. This things are natural for any kind of children and this things are also natural for parents to want to moniter their children's online activities now this problem can be solve with windows vista is'nt it great, Microsoft's new operating system vista gives you to the parental control that allow you to tailor and track each user's computer and internet usage for this you will need to create a seprate user account for each person who access your p.c,.and they all user have to use their own logging details whenever they use it. and for parental control and to create user accounts follow these simple steps.
When you will install Vista operating system than you will get administrator account as your default user account. The first thing is to change the name of account, Picture and also change a password with you like and which will safe now go to control panal and click on 'add or remove user Accounts' option at the top right of the window. now the user account control warning will appear, so click on continue, click on 'change the account name' and enter a new name in that window which appears when you finished, click on 'manage account in the address bar. now click on the 'create a new account' and give the account name and choose the account type you want it will better to choose standard user for children. finally click on a create account button to finish the wizard and return to the manage accounts, now you can create a password for this account. creating password for the account is very important things, you should use non-alphabetical characters, as well as regular letters and numbers. you can also use spaces as well as upper and lower case. After creating password you can apply parental controls to the accounts that need them. so for this cliclk on start and go to control panal and be sure you must logged in administrator account, now click on 'set up parental control' in the user accouts and family safety section when computer asks for permission than click on 'continue' you will get a list of users click on user and put check next to 'on enforce current setting' to return o parental controls now turn on 'Activity reporting' so you can know what the user is doing with the computer. Click next to the 'on collect information about computer usage' option. and now below the 'parental control and activity reporting you will get 'window vista web filter' click on this, this will help you to control what the user is allowed to do on the internet. Set the first option to block some website. if you want to choose which website to block check the option labelled 'only allow website that are on the allow list'. in this case क्लिक on 'Edit' the allow and block list'. on this page add website you want blocked or allowed now click on finished and choose the restriction level, select 'Block file downloads' and click on ok. at last if you want user to use the computer for certain period than click on the time limit. A window will appear with grid showing time during a weeklong period. white square shows the time when user can log and blue square shows when they are not . click on square to change it's color. you can also drag a mouse for several change many at once. if this will done than user will ask for adiministration and password to use computer.


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