Jan 11, 2010

What is Computer Virus and How it spread?

What is Computer Virus and How it spreadComputer virus is a progrme that make a duplicates of itself in the harddisk or virus is a that program that don't let you to open your file or folder or sometimes the harddisk also. Now a days it mainly spread through USB device like pendrive. sometimes virus damage the partition table also and it makes your system slow and sometimes your operating system may also courpted. some virus are hidden and you don't know about it for months. Some virus are hidden and it may happen that you don't know it for month.

Virus are mainly spread through as e-mail attachments while surfing in world wide web sites, while downloading files from files transfer protocal sites, using your pendrive in every computer, with pirated software which contains corrupted files and etc. virus are mainly carry through .exe, .com, .xls, .doc, .mdb files. and these files are dangerous you should also scan these kind of files before using and here are some files extension, that you should be careful while using. they are exe, sys, doc, xls, xla, zip, mdb, bin, ovl, drv, scr, arj it will be better that scan these kind of files with good antivirus and than use.


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