Jan 6, 2010

What is Internet ?

If we describe in simple word than, Internet it is the biggest and widest nerwork of computer in world. From which computer they are being running they are called server. Server always remains on and being connected to other server.
Internet has been most important part of every computer user. last ten years the demand of internet has increased more and more. Internet has made the whole world so close that we can say that world is in our grip. We can sit in one place and know the whole world stock exchange, we can see the live score of cricket, we can talk with our relatives as well as we can see them by sitting in our home. Internet has made the medical science so easy that doctor is sitting in America and he is doing Operation in Nepal through internet by Live. It has also been very helpful to media departments that anything is happening in anywhere or any place we can see through internet they are giving information to us by website or live or they are keeping in net and we can see that by sitting in Nepal. we can read the newspaper of United States of America through Internet. We can listen live radio of F.M. through internet. We can watch T.V. also. If we want any information about anything either it is related to education, Science, Medical reserch etc. we can get everything very easily by just one click.


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