Jan 18, 2010

What is Media streaming?

Now a days people are seeing videos in internet also and this things has been possible due to media streaming . To view video in internet we use two kinds of technic one is streaming and other is non-streaming. Streaming means to send video in frame by frame . In television also same thing is being happening. when broad caster is playing anything in their studio, same time we are seeing in our television screen. when broadcaster is sending any digital data and same data television is receiving and playing serially and opposite to this cd, dvd, video cassete etc are the non-streaming method. a full video is available in cd, dvd, and cd player or dvd player is playing this video in frame by frame.
In streaming technic internet is sending the related video clips in small-small part in serial wise and before downloading the all video we can see the videos seing video in streaming method has maked so easy that you can not imagine. suppose you want to watch any video in internet and that video is 100 mb but withstreaming method when you will click in that link and at same time you can watch videos. The popularity of u-tube, metacafe etc are goes to this streaming technic.


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