Jan 19, 2010

what is Vista ?

what is Vista ?
Today Microsoft window is the worldwide dominant operating system. According to estimate nine out of ten computers have a version of Ms-windows intalled on them. Micorsoft has launched so many operating system. Microsoft have long history . The first operating system of windows was Dos(disk operating system) after that they launched Microsoft windows version 3.1, Microsoft windows 95, windows 98, windows me, windows classic, windows millenium, windows 2000, windows xp edition, blue edition, black edition and kapill of some years windows vista was launched.
Windows vista is an astonishingly complex piece of software that have every featured, advanced sequrity system, parental control, unforgetable look, improved networking, improve movie maker, proper photo gallery, a built in back utility, an alternative media center interface and many more. one thing make vista so secret that it have 100 of new feature which are hidden in depths of operating system. but some of it's hidden feature are given below first is print without waste, in this vista has a print preview tool that enables you to manage how pages print. To access it, click the down arrow next to the printer icon at the top right of the windows, second is you can record a t.v. show , you can acess radio stations and manage your digital photo collections for this you have to buy vista ultimate version and other features are you can boost your p.c. memory, you can shrink your programs, you can cut up your desktop, you can control your computer with your voice, you can burn your cd or dvd.


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