Jan 17, 2010

Which Browser is best?

Which Browser is best?
Some years ago there was only one way to go inside the world of web that was Internet explorer. By seeing Internet explorer many company tried to make the way to go inside web they succeed also but that was not much more effective like internet explorer. but in today's world there are many browser which challenges internet explorer. and they are not just challenging but they had gone away from internet explorer, they are firefox, sefari, Opera, crome etc. Let's find out in this five which is the best web browser for this you have to focus on some useful thigs . like startup time of browser, loading speed of css and javascript.
The main challenger of internet explorer is Modzila firefox. Records are saying that when modzila firefox was launched on that day 80 lakh download were made, which were written in genus book. Everything is good in Modzila firefox but it's startup time is not good as accepted but one thing is also that day by day it is improving. it's firefox-3 is latest and it is very simple than it's previous version. it's main feature are bookmark, history management, search engine integration, tabd browsing etc. one thing make modzila firefox totally different with other that is it's loading time of css and javascript. Internet explorer is also trying hard to defend Modzila firefox. but it has not been success ful yet. if we talk about bookmark, history management and security it is not so much behind with internet explorer but it we talk about flash, css, javascript loading or password management than it is one step ahead with internet explorer. Now i think you know that who is in first position and if we talk about 2nd position than internet explorer can be kept and third position opera has taken


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