Feb 9, 2010

Beware of Using Netbanking

Netbanking is been popular for kapill of years from online shopping to money transfer it has been so popular. the demand of internet and it's use has raised the graph of cyber crime and the hackers are also kept eyes on online banking.
Netbanking is a facility of internet through which user are making online shopping, eshopping, money transfer and many things before taking the facility of netbanking you should read the manual very carefully because the manual are not same for every bank they all have their own terms and condition generally people thinks net banking as a normal banking but in comparision of normal banking, net banking needs many careful steps. for this if you have used online banking for one time than you should check your account after every two three days and if you find any little doubt also than immediately inform to the bank. if you are not using net banking for long time and some thing happen (hacked) in your account than it is difficult to find out what happen and one thing also remember that the bank does not take any responsiblities if your account is being hacked or something else. that is no any law that bank will give you compensation.
Be sure of that website where you are going to make online shopping money transaction website is safe or not for this see the URL very carefully for this you can take advice from the bank or experts be careful and type correctly the url of your bank and if it possible than use only your laptop or computer for net banking . if you have to use other comuter than after using that computer change your password and don't for get to log off that website.


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