Feb 1, 2010

Full forms of

Computer- Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Trade Education and Research.
ALU- Arithmetic Logical Unit.
ADC- Analouge to Digital Computer.
ABC - Atansoft Berry computer
AC - Alternating current
ALT - Alter
ANSI - American National Standards Institute
API - Application Programming Interface.
APL - A Programing Language.
ARPA - Advanced Research Project Agency
ARPANET - Advance Research Project Agency Network.
ASCII - American Standard Code for Information Interchange.
ASP- Active Server Page
ATM - Automatic Teller Machine
AT- Advance Technology.
AI-Advance Intelligence.
ALGOL- ALGorithmic Oriented Language.
BASIC - Beginneris All-purpose Symbolic Interaction Code.
.BAT - Batch
BIOS - Basic Input Output System
BITS - Binary Digits
BPI - Bits Per Inch
BC - Before Christ
BCD - Binary Code Decimal.
BCR - Bar Code Reader
BNIAC - Binary Automatic Computer
BPS - Bits Per Second
BOF - Begining of File
CPU - Central Processing Unit.
CAD - Computer Aided Designing
CAL - Computer Assited Learning
CA TV - Cable Television
CD-ROM - Computer Disk Read Only Memory
CON - Console
CPM - Control Program for Microcomputers
CUI - Character User Interface
CTR - Computer Tabulating Recording
CHDIR - Check Directory
CC - Computer Consultancy
CD - Change Directory
CTT - Currency Transaction Tax.
.com - Command
COM - Computer Output to Microfilm
CPS - Character Per Second
CESIL - Computer Education in School Instruction Language
CODASyl - Conference of Data System language
CIS - Computer Information System
CP/m - Control Program for microcomputers
CPAV - Central Point Anti Virus
CAT - Computer Assisted/Aided Training
CD - Compact Disk.
CU - Control Unit.
CDRW - Compact Disk Re-Writable.
CCD - Charge Coupled Devices.
CF - Compact Flash.
CMOS - COmmon Business Oriented Language.
CD - Create Directory.
DVD - Digital Video/Versatile Disk.
DLL - Dynamic Linked Library
DRAM - Dynmic Random Acess Memory
DSDD - Double Sided Double Density
DSHD - Double Sided High Density
DSSD - Double Sided Single Density
DIMM - Dual In-line Memory Module.
DCU - Device Control Unit
DNS - Domain Name Server
DSI - Data System Internationl
DEC - Digital Equipment Computer
DSP - Digital Signal Processor.
DOS - Disk Operating System.
E-mail - Electronic mail.
EDP - Electronic Data Processing.
ENIAC - Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator.
EDVAC - Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer.
EDSAC - Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Computer.
Email - Electronic Mail
EEPROM - Electronic Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory
EGA - Enhanced Graphic Adapter
EMS - Expanded Memory System
EPROM - Erasable Programable Read Only Memory
ESC - EScape
EDO DRAM - Extended Data Out Dynamic Random Acess Memory
.EXE - Executable

FORTAN - FORmula TRANslation.
FDD - Floppy Disk Drive.
FTP - File Transfer Protocal.
FDS - Fixed Disk System
FPM-DRAM - Fast Page Mode Dynamic Random Access Memory
FAT - File Allocation Table
GIF - Griphical Interchange Format
GB - Giga Byte
GUI - Graphic User Interface
GaGs - Gallium Arsenide
GIS - Geographical Information System
HDD - Hard Disk Drive.
HTML - Hypertext Markup Language.
HTTP - HyperText Transfer Protocal.
IBM - Internationl Business Machine.
IC - Integrated Circuit.
I/O - Input Output
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
IT - Information Technology
ISP - Internet Service Provider
IOSys - Input/Output System
ISDN - Integrated Service Digital Network.
WWW - World Wide Web.
XT - Extra Technology.


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