Feb 9, 2010

How to start and Define site

Starting Dreamweaver
  • Click on start button.
  • choose Program.
  • choose Dreamweaver
  • click on Dreamweaver
  • Click on Start button.
  • Click on Run button.
  • Type Dreamweaver
  • Click on OK.
  1. than you will see a dialog box.
  2. Choose HTML from the create new option.
In Dream weaver planning is the most important before creating a website, if you not plan than you would encounter numerous problems regarding the site at the time of publishing or at the time of accessing. It is necessary to create structure in a plain paper which you can place all of the contents for a site. Creating a structure reduces the problem and helps to manage anythings easily.
Before creating a site structure , It will be good idea to decide where you will store your site on your computer harddrive. Create a root directory(main folder) at your drive(C:\) and create sub-folders as per your requirement under the root directory.
To create root directory
  • First select the location or drive
  • and make a new folder.
  • choose that folder and give the required name for folder.
  • Press enter key.
like this you can create other sub-folders inside the main folder(if needed)

Creating your first website in Dreamweaver
  • Set up a local site
The most common approach to creating a website using dreamweaver is to create and edit pages on your local disk. and then uoload copies of those pages to remote web server
  • A website
A set of pages on a server, to be viewed by a visitor to the site using a web browser.
  • A Remote site
The files on a server that make up a website.
  • A Local site
Those files which are on your local disk that correspond to the files in the remote site. In local site you can edit and make change than upload to remote site.
Normally, you would start creating a website by planning it, figuring out how many pages to create. how the pages connect to each other what content appears on each page.

How do defiine a site ?
To define a site
  1. Choose site>Manage site
  2. Choose new>site
  3. If the dialog box is showing advance tab, click on basic.
  4. In the text box, Enter a sitename.
  5. Click Next to proceed to the next step
  6. Now computer will ask you want to work with a server Technology.
  7. Select no Option.
  8. Click on Next to go in another step.
  9. In this computer will ask you, how you want to work with your files.
  10. Select the Option"Edit local copies on My machine, than upload to server when ready".
  11. The text box allows you to specify a folder on your local disk where dreamweaver should store the local version of the site's files. It's easier to specify on accurate folder name if you browse to the folder rather than typing the path, so click on the folder icon next to the box.
  12. Click Next to proceed in Next step.
  13. In this step computer will ask you "How you connect to your remote server."
  14. Choose none from the pop-up menu.
  15. Click on next to proceed to the next step.
  16. In this dialog box, you will get summary of your setting.
  17. Click done to finish
  18. Click done to allow Dreamweaver to create the site cache.
#Note:- if you to know about the tool bar of dreamweaver than type"How to work in Dreamweaver" in Google custom search.



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