Feb 12, 2010

Something about CD-ROM

CD-ROM is an internal and external part of computer. CD-ROM comes in Hardware departments. It is used to Play cds in computer. It is prounced as "see dee rom" is the abbreviation of compact disk. Read Only Memory. A single capacity CD-ROM has the storage capacity of 700 Floppy disks. CD-ROM are recorded by the vendor and once recorded in cds cannot be erased and filled with new data. there are many feature that distinguish cd-rom players are generally classified as a single-speed or some multiple of single-speed. for example a 4*Player aceess data at four times the speed of a single speed player within these groups, however there is some variation you need to be aware of whatever the cd-rom uses the clv(constant linear velocity) or cav (constant Angualr velocity) Technology. The reported speed of players that use cav are generally not accurate because they refer only to the access speed for outer tracks. Inner tracks are accessed more slowly. if you plan to run cd-rom on windows environment than you need a plalyer that conforms to the MPCIII standard. If you want to view photos stored on cd-player, make sure your cd-player conforms to kodak photo cd format


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