Feb 9, 2010

Something about Dreamweaver

In the early days for web designing HTML code was used. That was time consuming business to create complicated web pages and mainly the designer should know the vast amount of tags which was very difficult.

To solve this problem web programmers developed WYSIWYG type program that means what you see is what you get By using this type, People can design their own Web Pages in a similar way to a word processing or a desktop publishing program. Just what you layout on the screen is what the user will see on their screen. People don’t have to remember any HTML code but it is still present and generated automatically in the background and the great thing is that if you have knowledge of HTML than you can edit it manually if you desire.

Dream weaver is a WYSIWYG web designing program or Application software. Dream weaver means build your imagine what you see in dream. Dream weaver is an effective interface for quickly creating high quality Web Pages .Dream weaver contains huge amount of powerful tools for in corpora ting the latest web design elements into site to give them dynamic look.

Dream weaver is a professional HTML editor for designing, Coding and developing websites, web pages and web application. The visual editing feature in Dream weaver let you to create web page without writing a line of code and Dream weaver helps you to build dynamic database backed web application using server language such as ASP.NET, ASP, CFML, JSP and PHP.

want to know how Dreamweaver works than type "How to start and define site" in Google custom search box



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