Apr 19, 2010

New IT Products and their Uses

Transcend- Designed to the extreme
Transcend USB Flash drive keep your data fully protected. It is made of durable eco-friendly rubber, this sporty little drive is easy to grip and offer excellent resistance to shock water, dust and other contaminants. Transcend is fully tested by U.S. Militry standard. Transcend USB Flash drive is fully Compatible with Windows 7. You can get Transcend USB Flash drive in variety of color and size. Mainly it comes in 4 GB, 8GB, 16GB for more detail you can log on to www.transcend.co.in so go ahead and choose the right things.


MSI makes impossible into possible. MSI has recently launched the world first Hydra Techonolozy Moterboard, which is called MSI-FUZION. You can get so many extra ordinary facility that you cannot imagine also. MSI FUZION has got 4 extra ordinary feature they are:-
1. Hydra Engine- Flexibility in Graphics performance, deliver cost effective graphics performance with a near-linear performance highly efficient load-balancing of multi- GPU environments using any gpu vendor.
2. 100% server-grade Hi-c capacitor.
3. Quantium waveAudio card EAX ADVANCED HD 5.0 THX Trustudio P.C.
4. It has external OC dashboard.
The good thing is that MSI FUZION Supports the all new 2010 intel core processors in the LGA 1156 package.
If you like this than you can buy from:-
Neoteric Informatique ltd.
Tel:- +91-22-40859600
Emil :- sales@neoteric.co.in

Priya Limited
Tel:- 91-22-42203100
Email:- sales_bom@priyagroup.com

Tirupati Enterprises
Tel:- 91-33-22251276
Email:- abhishek@tirupati.net

AVG Internet Security

If you always throught the internet was a safe and friendly place. Think again, there are innumerable threats just waiting for the unwary net user.
With AVG internet security, You are assured of a worry-free online experience. Every time! While surfing, Shopping, Downloading, Banking or searching the web, the multiple layers of protection provided by AVG internet net security mean that you don’t have to worry about identity theft, spam or viruses. And it will even prevent you from a accidentally visiting harmful sites. Home users and small and medium business have found that AVG Security products not only give them confidence that they are safe form internet threats but also enable them to get more done. The good thing is that AVG is improving day by day, with AVG internet security you can get Scanning time reduced by upto 50% safer, 50% reduction in firewall alerts and easier-easy installation and simple non-intrusive operation.
#Note:- you can take Internet Security quiz and win exciting prizes at www.testourinternetsecurity.com

Buffalo- USB 2.0 Hard Drive

Goes with Anything Anywhere

The New Ministation cobalt from Bufflo is a stylish and affordable, portable storage solution. Only slightly bigger than your iphone and with way more storage capacity, the ministation cobalt lets you store a ton of music, movies and media files to take with you anywhere, and with 5 colors to choose from. you can match your Mini-station to your mood, or your sneakers. Buffalo portable USB 2.0 Hard drive comes in 5 colors they are CRYSTAL, BLACK, BLUE, RAPIS, RUBBY RED, SAKURA PINK, PEARL WHITE. and the good things is that Buffalo portable USB 2.0 Hard drive comes with 3 year warrenty. This kinds fo drive are less than 3 by 4 thick. The Buffalo Portable USB 2.0 Hard drive are so stylish and colorfull that you can not imagine. If you think about External Hard drive than this is the besr option. Buffalo portable USB. 2.0 Hard drive has cover wide market in India, Nepal and world wide. It has got many branches and some of them are given below.
  • Ahmedabad-9824022669
  • Bhubaneshwar-9437030860
  • Banglore-9880007155
  • Chandigarh-9316367004
  • Chennai-9940049590
  • Cochin-9388908937
  • Delhi-9891672350
  • Dehradun-9335672828
  • Faridabad-9891672350
  • Guwahati-9864028430
  • Indore-9300811749
  • Jaipur-9352245170
  • Kolkata-9331430503
  • Lucknow-9335270485
  • Mumbai-9820153972
  • Noida-9811861481
  • Nagpur-9372395142
  • Patna-9835227591
  • Pune-9890265537
  • Ranchi-9431108286
  • Raipur-9985134873

You can also contact
National Distributor : Superton Electronics ltd.
House no.2, Cooper lane, off RN Mukherjee road, Kolkata-700001
Tel :033-22131221,

Central Helpdesk
1 800 425 6210 and for mobile users 044-28246406
Support hours :0900-1800, monday to friday except public Holidays
Email:- csbuffalo@acccelfrontline.in
Website:- www.buffalo-asia.com



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