Apr 18, 2010

Some important year in computer History

• In 3000B.C. Abacus was invented by Chinese people. Abacus was the earliest counting device. It was used for calculation purpose.
• In 1617 Napier’s bone was invented by john Napier. Napier’s bone was used for multiplying, dividing and find square root and cube root.
• In 1622 A.D. Slide rule was invented by William oughtred. Slide rule was also used for Multuplication, division and find “sciectific” function. Such as roots, logarhithms and trigonometry
• In 1642 Pascal’s calculator was invented by blaise pascal. Pascal’s calculator was used for Addition and Substraction.
• In 1673 leibniz’s calculator was invented by William von Leibniz. Leibniz calculator was used for add, subtract, multiply, divide and extract roots.
• In 1801 punch card was developed by joseph marie jacquard. Punch card was used for automatic information processing.
• In 1821 Difference engine was invented charles babbage. It was used for complex mathematical calculation with 31 digits of precision by using rods, gears, levers and linkages and also used for to solve polynomial equation.
• In 1837 Anyalitical Engine was used for Charles Babbage . it was used for adding and multiplying by one set of cards.
• In 1840 Boolen algebra was invented by george boole. Due to this invension modern digital computer are operated.
• In 1843 machine algorithm was invented lady Augusta Ada love lace. Lady ada is the first programmer.
• In 1980 tabulating machine was invented by Herman Hollerith . Tabulating machine was an electrical device designed to assit in summarizing information and accounting. It was originally developed to help process data for U.S. census
• In 1904 Fleming valve or “ Vaccum tube” was invented by John Ambrose Fleming
• In 1906 Triode was invented by lee de forest. Lee de forest invented audition, an improvement on the Fleming valve.
• In 1927 Analog computer developed by Vannevar Bush and his two colleagues for solving simple equation.
• In 1928 Magnetic tape was invented by Fritz Pflemer. Magnetic tape was first used by IBM computers in 1951.
• In 1932 Magnetic Drum was invented by G.Taushek. Magnetic drum was an early computer memory that was widely used in the 1950s and into the 1960s.
• In 1936 z1 computer was developed by Konard zuse. Z1 was first programmable computer.
• In 1942 electronic digital computer(ABC) was developed by john Atanasoft & Berry. ABC was first electronic special purpose digital computer.
• In 1943 colossus was invented by Tommy Flowers and Allen cosmbs. Colossus was first program able digital electric computing machine was used in world war II.
• In 1944 Harvard Mark I was developed by Howard Aiken and Grace hopper it was used for addition, subtraction, Multiplication, division and reference to previous result.
• In 1946 ENIAC was developed by john Mauchly and John Presper Eckert. ENIAC was used for ballistics comutation.
• In 1947 Transistor was developed by William shockly John Barden and watter Brattain. The First Transistor was invented at bell laboratories.
• In 1947 Transistor John Bardeen, William Shockley and walter brattain this transistor was invented at bell telephone laboratories.
• In 1949 Magnetic core was developed by wang . Magnetic core memory was used by the late 50s.
• In 1949 EDSAC(Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator) was developed by Maurice wilkes. It was the first stored – program computer was built.
• In 1949 EDVAC ( Electronic Discreate Variable Automatic Computer)was developed by Eckert and Muachly. EDVAC was one of the earlist stored program machine.
• In 1951 UNICVAC-I was developed by J.Presper Eckert and john mauchly. The UNIVAC- I was the first commercial comuter produced in United States.
• In 1951 Mainframe was developed by J.Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The first UNIVAC-I mainframe computer was delivered to the census Bureau.
• In 1956 Hard disk was developed by IBM team lead by Reynolds Johnson. Reynolds Johnson was considered as “Father of the Disk drive”. Hard disk was used in IBM 305 computer.
• In 1957 PC was developed By IBM(John Lentz). The first PC was built IBM-610 for office use.
• In 1958 Integrated circuit (IC) was developed by Jack St.clair kill and Robert Noyce. The IC are commercially available since 1961.
• In 1964 mouse and windows were developed by Douglas Engelbart. Doughlas developed the GUI and pointing device.
• In 1965 compact disk was developed by James Russel. It was originally developed to store sound but later on it allowed to store other types of data.
• In 1965 Mini computer was developed by Kennarth H.Olsen. The first mini computer 12-bit PDP-8 was launched by digital Eqipment corporation.
• In 1970 Bubble Memory was developed by An drew Bobeck. It was used in computer by mid-1970s.
• In 1971 Floppy disk was developed by IBM engineers led by alan Shugart. The first eight inch floppy disk was used in IBM 3330 computer and later on 1976 the 5 inch floppy disk was developed.
• In 1971 intel 4004 was developed by INTEL. The world first single chip 4-bit Microprocessor.
• In 1972 Intel 8008 was developed by intel. This was the world’s first Microprocessor.
• In 1975 Microcomputer was invented by Ed Roberts.
• In 1975 Microsoft was established by Bill gates and paul allen. Microsoft is a manufacture of computer software and Hardware.
• In 1976 Super computer was developed by cray. Cray-I is first super computer.
• In 1979 Laptop was designed by William Moggridge. The first Laptop computer was designed by William Moggriedge.
• In 1979 Visi Calc was developed by Daniel Bricklin and Bob Frankston. Visi calc was designed for the apple II computer.
• In 1981 Dos was developed by Microsoft. Dos was designed for the IBM computer with and intel 8088 Microprocessor.
• In 1983 Apple lisa computer was developed. The first home computer with a GUI, Graphical user interface.
• In 1985 Intel 80386 or i386 was developed by Intel. I386 was 32 bit microprocessor used by various personal computers and workstation.
• In 1985 MS Windows was developed by Microcsoft. It was the first GUI for IBM computer.
• In 1989 Intel 80486 or i486 was developed by Intel. This was the i486 was the first pipelined designed 32-bit Microprocessor.
• In 1995 Digital video disk(DVD) was developed by Philips, Samsung and Sony.
• In 1995 Pentium Pro Microprocessor was developed by Intel. The Pentium and Pentium MMX were used for server and high end Processor.
• In 1997 Pentium II was developed by Intel. The P-II was used for servers and high end work stations.
• In 1999 Pentium III was developed by Intel. The Pentium III 32 bit microprocessor used in desktop and mobile processor.
• In 2000 Pentium IV was developed. The Pentium IV was used for high end desktop and laptops. It was extended by the 64 Bit Microprocessor.
• In 2005 Dual core was developed by Intel. The 64 bit Pentium D based on Multi chip module package with net brust micro architecture.
• In 2006 core 2 duo and core 2 extreme was developed by Intel. The 64 bit Micro-Processor based on core technology.
• In 2009 Intel Atom was developed by Intel. The 64 Bit Microprocessor used for ultra small ultra light version of laptop computer.


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