Oct 8, 2013

Application Software

Application Software
            Application software is that kind of software which helps user to do their task, work etc. for example if we have to do any typing work, we work on word processing software like Ms word, For graphical work we do that on Adobe page maker, Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc they all are application software. Application software is complete self-contained program. This application software can be classified into two categories

  •          Package software
  •          Tailored or custom software

Package software: - it is a set of pre-written software program different kinds of program related to an application are combined together to form a package. For example Ms Office package (word, excel, PowerPoint, groove, access etc), Adobe collection (Page Maker, Photoshop etc) etc.

Tailored or custom software (Vertical market software):- This kind of software is developing for solving a particular problem. Software developed in higher level language to perform certain function. Or software that are made on demand for any offices or multinational company according to their uses. For example BVRS for Nepal Election Commission


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