Oct 8, 2013

System software

System Software
            System Software is Software which gives platform to other Application software to work on, or to do other task. It is bridges between user and hardware and perform the user related task. System software is a collection of program design to operate, control and manage the actual operation of the computer equipment. System software are developed by manufacturer to provide software tools that enable the user to write and runt application software.System software can be divided into 3 categories.
·         System control software
·         System support software
·         System development software
#note:- System software began to be used with 2nd generation computer in early 1960s.

Some examples of system software are as follows:-
·         Microsoft Windows
·          Linux
·          Unix
·          Mac OS X
·          DOS
·          BIOS Software
·          HD Sector Boot Software
·          Device Driver Software i.e Graphics Driver etc
·          Linker Software
·          Assembler and Compiler Software


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