Jan 6, 2010

What Computer can do ?

What Computer can do
What will be your answer? A computer can do nothing without Instruction the instruction means the task to be done. If it is hard to understand than take a example of master and servent. if a servent understands the order given by a master than he can do a work. if servent did not understand or master does not give any order than what can servent do he will just sit and watch. Take another example if a master said servent go and cook food than the servent will cook anything what he likes at that time it may be possible that the food is not master's favorite and he will not eat at that time it is not servent fault, master should give proper order similarly a computer will give an error message in case the instruction are not correctly given.
Computers are getting instruction through the user. user is a persons who uses and gives instruction to computer. While giving instruction he follows the rule which is called syntax. Every computer are made for an special purpose. Some are made for office and some are for business and we should be careful that the office and business purpose computer can not used for launching rocket.


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