Jan 6, 2010

What is WWW ?

World wide web (WWW) has been business part of Internet. WWW has been given facility us to get graphics and text we cannot imagine also how much data are avilable in internet. Government, Business organization, Company, Education, Institution etc they provide data to internet. WWW is a big marWhat is WWW ?ket of Income Source. Now a days every big and small company, mall, School, colleges, Hospital etc they all are keepingj their products brief in internet.
WWW is sending root address to inernet and takes us to correct server. When page, Graphics and text are sending to that computer, who has send the web address. After that web broweser keeps them in systamatic way or in line and then shows to screen. When web browser finished your demand than it goes to work for another computer who has asked something or for some information. If you want WWW server to load another page than every thing will start in new ways.


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